SKU 2008_Handcrafed earring
SKU 2007_Baroque pearl earring
SKU 2006_kundan and stone earring
SKU 2005_ druzy stone earring
SKU 2004_ pachi kudan earrings
SKU _2003_Druzy stone
SKU 2002_ CZ Diamond Earring
SKU 2001_ duzy stone necklace
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Saivi Jewellery was born out of self-love. Our intricate jewellery brand caters to women who adore stunning and trendy pieces. Based in Mumbai, we are a small company with a big goal: to deliver high-quality, premium, and elegant jewellery to all. When it comes to trends, we've got them all
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Feel free to reach out to us for appointments, inquiries, or to experience the tranquility of Serene Beauty. We're here to make your beauty journey as serene as possible.
Mumbai suburban
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